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I currently offer 40-minute and 1-hour, weekly and bi-weekly lessons. Sessions are available to all ages and abilities regardless of location and are conducted online over zoom. Current international students include people from U.S.A, Singapore, France, Austria etc.

Contact for further information including rates.

Piano & Singing

Interested in learning how to play the piano? Want to start singing to improve your confidence when public speaking, or impress your friends at the next karaoke night? I offer vocal training in an array of styles and genres and beginner to intermediate piano lessons tailored to work towards your goals.


Music Theory

Learn to understand and communicate the language of music. Learn to define the elements that form harmony, melody and rhythm. Identify compositional elements such as song form, tempo, notes, chords, key signatures, intervals, scales, and more. If you're interested in getting a Music Theory qualification, ABRSM & Trinity syllabus' are available.


Aural & Musicianship

Develop your aural ability to identify pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music, solely by ear. If you take an ABRSM grade exam in any instrument your aural skills will also be tested. 


Composition & Arranging

Study the methods and concepts composers and other musicians use in creating music. Master compositional techniques while experimenting with new ideas and developing your own sound.


Music Technology & Production

Learn how to use technology to create music. Learn how to track, mix and master audio, and develop software skills including Logic Pro X and Sibelius.

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